Visualizing your data shouldn't be complicated

Lumalytics lets you create dashboards with charts, data tables and filters that display real-time data from your own data sources.

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How it works

Connect to your data source (database or csv file)

Create a dashboard

Write SQL queries to retrieve the data you want and choose how to display it on your dashboard


Pull data from various databases or csv files

We support connecting to Postgres, MySQL, SQL Server and Amazon Redshift. You can also upload your own CSV file. If you'd like us to support another data source, let us know. We're always looking to add more.

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Use SQL to retrieve the data you want to display

You can write SQL queries to pull in exactly the data you want and then choose how you want to display it. We even allow you to write queries for uploaded CSV files.

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Add filters to build interactive dashboards

For dashboards to be useful, they need to be interactive. Sometimes you only want to show a chart for specific dates or a specific dropdown. No worries; we've got you covered. You can add filters (e.g. date range, category dropdown) that allow you to do this.

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Customize the look and feel of your dashboards

You can define a custom color scheme, company logo and other content to ensure your dashboards look exactly how you want.

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Share your dashboard with a public URL or embed it within your own site or app. [Only available for Large plans]

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Our pricing is pretty straight forward. Our goal in creating Lumalytics was to create an affordable service that would allow companies of all sizes to be data centric.

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